Van Velzen

29. Robert Jan Stips

At age seven, Robert Jan Stips starts his piano lessons and a mere two years later he takes to the stage for the first time.  In 1963 he plays in the school band The Blubs, together with drummer Marco Vrolijk with whom Robert will later perform in the band Supersister. Robert, living in Delft, gains international fame with abovementioned band and he performs in De Eland on Burgwal (now Bierfabriek Delft). The older youths among us will probably still remember ‘She was naked’ in 1970, the same year in which Supersister made its name headlining for the Holland Pop Festival in Kralingen. Listening to the music now, it still sounds as crisp and modern as it did then. Since Supersister, Stips has played a prominent role in the Dutch music scene as a keyboardist, composer and producer. In addition to Supersister, we know him from Golden Earring, Sweet d’Buster and NITS.

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